And that’s a wrap on 2014 weddings!  This year FLEW by!  Started the year with a new baby, new associate photographer Kerri, new office space and ended the year (well, nearly) with 2 new associate photographers and Kerri moving to NYC area!  And maybe a new office… but that’s a whole other blog post.
We photographed mostly outdoor ceremonies, which was a delicious treat.  Museums, restaurants, parents back yards, historic churches, modern churches and a couple country clubs.
Looking at that list, you’d think that my couples having nothing in common… but they all have a great appreciation for photography!
It isn’t about over the top details, props or STUFF, while some of that eye candy is fun and I do love great design, a lot of my favourite photos have a simplistic emotion or look.  Freezing a moment in time that we could throw a few dozen adjectives and verbs on top of.
Enjoy the video!  It was fun piecing together a video with different moments throughout each couples day.
So very looking forward to 2015!  Someone help me decide on this new office space?!
Toledo Wedding Venues: Toledo Country Club, The Pinnacle Maumee, Highland Meadows Golf Club Sylvania, Registry Bistro, The Blarney, Catawba Island Club