Lauren and Brodie were the last of my September weddings, a month that had bookend perfect weather days and in the middle a bit more damp than we all would had preferred.

Most of the day was an ode to their hometown of Perrysburg.  Lauren dressed at the darling Guesthouse downtown Perrysburg, a location I would highly recommend to anyone being married at Saint Rose!  Their setup is top notch and much more photogenic the the beautiful Saint Rose basement location where my past bride’s had gotten ready.  Lauren’s first look with her father gave us all goosebumps, a moment that makes me wish for a daughter for my husband.  It is such a special bond & I adore when we have the chance to capture it.

A traditional Catholic ceremony was held at Saint Rose in Perrysburg… Brodie saw his wife to be for the first time as she walk down the aisle hand in hand with her father.  The church is one of my favourites to photograph in.  It is lit perfectly & makes for dramatic yet airy ceremony images.

The sunshine, blue skies & perfect amount of warmth hugged us all as we took to downtown Toledo for creative portraits.  I was so very excited for the two of them not to have to worry about weather.  I couldn’t contain my excitement to have not a cloud in the sky.

Registry Bistro hosted their reception… we have been there several times and it so cool to see how each couple uses the unique space to tailor it to their style and personalities!

Biggest congrats to Lauren + Brodie!  Their warmth and gentle nature was fantastic to document.  They both had a calmness the whole day, which is rare and set the tone to what the day was really all about.  🙂

Lauren’s Dressing Location: The Guesthouse, Perrysburg, Ohio
Ceremony: Saint Rose Perrysburg, Ohio
Reception: Registry Bistro at The Secor Downtown Toledo, Ohio
DJ: Class Act
Event Designer: Magers Design by Chris Magers
Cake Artist: Eston’s
Videographer: 7th Floor Media
Hair Stylist: Shamas
Florist: In Bloom Flowers & Gifts

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