It ended up being a perfect August day… It wasn’t supposed to be.  It was supposed to rain on their Maumee Bay outdoor wedding.  I flipped through the hourly & Doppler up until we arrived at their venue just a bit east from Toledo Ohio.  Denise + PJ are warm & generous, the type of people who make you feel like you’ve been friends for years when you first meet.  I was over the moon when the blue skies & fluffy white clouds made themselves comfortable over Lake Erie.  They deserved to have their epic wedding under a perfect summer sky.

Their ceremony on the patio of Maumee Bay Resort was literally 3 minutes long… I looked at the time stamp.  There was no filler, it was: Let’s get married & PARTY!  All of their closest friends and family laughed out loud once we all realized this was a get to the point and get married type of ceremony.

It was a lovely day for the perfectly matched couple and we were honored to be asked there to photograph it for them.

Ceremony & Reception: Maumee Bay Resort Oregon, Ohio
Makeup Artist: Jennifer Shepard
Hair Stylist: The Future Wave
DJ: Ultimate Nights
Caterer: Maumee Bay Resort
Cake Artist: 7 Little Cupcakes

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