It’s no secret that I’m not a children’s photographer…. Weddings are my thing.  There is, however, one other type of portraiture that I absolutely love doing that many people don’t know about, unless you ask, and that is boudoir portraits!

What are boudoir portraits???  They are a super fun, sexy shoot that make ahhhhmazing wedding, anniversary, birthday OR Valentine’s day gifts to husbands & fiances!  What guy wouldn’t want a cute little book full of hot photos of his wife?!?  Not only is it a total pleaser for him BUT you also have a great set of images that you can look back on in 10, 20, 30 years and say ‘Damn, I was hot!’.
I do offer a little discount for my brides (past & future), a great little add-on to your wedding package 😉  Also, there’s a small discount if you’re willing to sign a model release so your portraits can be shown off to potential clients.
Want more info?! Shoot me an email!