Things have been busy, busy @ MWP the past couple of months!!!  We moved into a new amazing studio full of natural light, giving us the opportunity to have a rad space to shoot boudoir portraits in gorgeous natural light which yields the most amazing photos… skin looks amazing lit by windows!

I’ve been photographing boudoir portraits for 5 years & absolutely love it!  It’s a total blast & it brings out this confidence in the women that I photograph that is amazing to see.  By the end of each session, there is a sense of empowerment & it really is a great confidence builder… bonus that is also makes the perfect gift for significant others!

So depending on when I birth this baby, how I feel & if I want to separate from my new love, I would love to be able to get a marathon session in sometime in January to provide the perfect Valentine gift!  I’ll be posting details on our Facebook page… if it works out- timing wise.

Here is a sampling of the portraits we captured this past Tuesday with our 3 real life models.  Makeup done by my favourite makeup artist Carl Graf!

More photos & info @!