For quite some time, I thought that there would never be a group of Toledo wedding photographers who could become friends or even form our own little photog community.

It always bummed me out that there was the sense of competition or paranoia that prevented friendships forming between people who actually have a ton in common.  A few months ago, a small group of us got together, had drinks, shared stories, laughed a lot until 2 a.m. I left that night feeling this sense of calm and joy that, hey, we’re not realllly in competition with each other.  There’s only one Mary, there’s only one Carli + Joe, there’s only one Jordan + Amber, and only one Joshua + Gregg.  We each have our own perspective that no one else can duplicate.  Sure we may get common inquires, but we also send each other the business that we can’t shoot, look out for one another when an issue arises, give advice… we got each other’s backs.  I rather send out business to one of the above mentioned than try to horde everything for myself.

As seen in the previous post, I recently photographed Carli + Joe of Shutterlove.  A couple weeks prior to that Joshua + Gregg of Love is Greater than Photography photographed Phil + myself.  We had an absolute blast with them.  Here are a few of my favourite shots that they got.  Thanks again you two!!!


I think it’s quite important for a photographer to get photographed every once in awhile… it definitely reminds me that it can be uncomfortable being infront of a camera, for sure makes you interact with a client differently when you’ve been in their position recently.