I am (finally) in the final stretch of this pregnancy!!! Woohoo!  I have, luckily, had a super easy pregnancy… no morning sickness & at 38 weeks I still feel as energetic as I did pre-preg.  Oh and photographing a wedding at 9 months… please, that was a breeze…

I wanted to just let my couples, potential clients and whomever else may be contacting me in the next few weeks that I will be a bit slower returning emails.  I also will only be meeting with potential clients via Skype/iChat or phone til mid-June.  My mini-maternity leave.  🙂
I also, finally, got some belly photos taken over this past weekend… the rain & gloom made it a bit tough!  My friend & fellow photog Noelle was kind enough to put up with photographing me… Here’s a few of my faourite shots… go visit her blog that just got a mini-makeover @ noelleann.com/blog 🙂
I’ll have Sarah & Matt’s wedding up soon!  It’s all ready to go, just want them to experience their wedding album first.
So everyone cross your fingers, wish on a star, throw a coin in a well… whatever… that our little guy will be here soon.  Specifically by Mother’s Day… since I bet Phil that would be his birthday… 🙂