Don’t we all dream a little bit of living off our land or at least having a great vegetable garden… then the reality of life sets in and you’re left with 7 pots of dead tomato plans.  Or is that just in my backyard?!  Ha!  A few months back the Urrutias were brainstorming family portrait ideas and we thought, let’s do a hippie styled session at the friend of the family farm right up the road where we get eggs from.  Erma’s Garden has the most amazing fresh eggs, there are goats, turkeys, chickens and a few terrifying emus.  We used their lovely farm as our backdrop… the kids popped bubbles, hid from the turkeys getting plump & lots of family cuddles.

Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-001 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-002 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-003 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-004 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-005 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-006 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-007 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-008 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-009 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-010 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-011 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-012 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-013 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-014 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-015 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-016 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-017 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-018 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-019 Farm-Hippie-Styled-Egg-Family-photos-020