Who doesn’t LOVE a good black & white photo?! It’s a people pleaser 🙂  I use them sparingly, I love me some color images.  Black & whites are great for a few reasons, they’ll draw the viewer in and focus more on the feeling of the image.  It’s great to use black & whites to hide background distractions.  I also LOVE to use a great black & white image on the same spread (in an album) as a stunning color image… the juxtaposition makes the color image look that much more colorful, it’s all about the color popping! 😉

For processing, I run the same black & white action on every image… but I do a custom tweak on the b&w layer in Photoshop.  Almost never is the auto black & white going to nail it for you… Sorry Photoshop, but I’m smarter than you 😉
Here it goes… Oh and you’ll need Totally Rad Actions 1 & 2 for this…

Prior to this, the image has been tweaked for color & density in Lightroom.

• Make Black & White adjustment layer & tweak accordingly
• BAMF 16bit B&W @ 60%
• Antique Tone @ 50% (I like just a little bit of warmth that you’d see in a true b&w darkroom print)

And that is it!!! I like the BAMF action to fill in the highlights just a bit and add some depth to my custom b&w layer, which usually has the yellows & reds pulled up quite a bit.