Let’s face it, Toledo isn’t a large city and coming up with new places to shoot in a city you’ve been photographing couples in for over 10 years can be tricky.  I have found that I may not be able to find new place necessarily, but I look at a spot I’ve been to numerous times in a new way at each visit.  Or at least that is the goal.

Mary & Ryan have had a whirlwind romance and scooped up my last September 2017 weekend only a few months ago.  They have a gentle, kind hearted vibe and easily laugh with one another.  It is going to be a treat not to have a year lull before their wedding… which is bound to be gorgeous!  Mary has great taste (I mean, her name alone is just perfection 😉 ) and the team of wedding pros she is working with has team MWP super excited for September!

Take a peek at a few familiar downtown Toledo spots… hopefully they don’t look too familiar 🙂