Photographing couples who are already married is such a treat! It is all the fun of the creative portrait time we have on the wedding day minus the, welp, 6-7 other hours of work 😉
Amal + Mohamad were married earlier in the year and wanted to wait until fall to dress up in their wedding wardrobe for portraits. They love the architecture at the museum and all the beauty that is inside. There is also a fair amount of green space at TMA which happened to be in its full fall colors glory.
While I only spent a couple hours with the newlyweds, their warmth + genuine kindness was apparent from the first moment we said hello. It was great documenting this exciting time for you and your families. I hope you are enjoying honeymoon and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the set of photos!


Amal’s bouquet by Floral Pursuit 😉

Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-001 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-002 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-003 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-004 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-005 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-006 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-007 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-008 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-009 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-010 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-011 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-012 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-013 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-014 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-015 Toledo-museum-of-art-wedding-photos-016