When we met with Melinda + Stephen months before they tied the knot, they talked about how they have known each other for years through middle – high school… How it was the talk of the small(ish) community that they were together.  It warms our heart when families join after years of being linked through love.

Melinda and Stephen had that 10 day weather forecast that had everybody nervous… Even though it is silly to look at the weather that far in advance!  It’s so hard not to…. But their wedding day came and it was perfect with just the right amount of dramatic clouds.  We for one love an overcast wedding day!

Melinda’s hard work showed in every detail of the day, including a very special set of charms on her bouquet honoring grandparents.  Her first look with her Father was one that had us tearing up behind our cameras, such a special moment when our brides give their Dads that time to soak in what the day is about.

Melinda and Stephen had an ease together that made working with them incredibly fun.  You can see in the way that he looks at her, they are absolutely smitten with one another and will be the ‘IT’ couple long in to their grey years.  The day flew by, and before I knew it they were on the dance floor!  Thank you lovebirds for allowing us to capture your most special day, years in the making!!!
Ceremony: St. Joseph’s Sylvania
Reception: The Premier Toledo
Coordinator: Bee for the Day
Hair + Makeup: Tiffany McDaniel
Gown Boutique: The Gown Shop Perrysburg
Florist: Angel 101 Perrysburg
DJ: East River Drive Band
Cake Artist: Eston’s

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