I recently talked with Jordan at Toledo City Paper about my tips on how to find the perfect photographer for you!

4 Tips for Finding a Good Wedding Photographer (For You)

1. Pick up on their vibe. Don’t just look at their photos— try to get a sense of their personality. Do they sound like a person you’d enjoy being around?

2. Scope their social media. An active social media presence hints that a professional photographer is engaged with their audience. Overworked photographers typically don’t
keep up on social media.

3. Reach out for more than just pricing. If a photographer is committed to working well with you, they’ll want to see if your personalities are a match. After all, you’ll see them as much as you’ll see your spouse on your wedding day!

4. Trust is key. If you sincerely trust your photographer, you’ll be more relaxed and happy and it will show in your photos. Remember to laugh, smile and show off your love!

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