One week after Locke was born, I decided to interview assistants… totally practical!  I sent all the applicants a list of questions that I felt was necessary to ask someone who would be working at my home office…. These questions included:

are you OK with inappropriate humor & language?

are you a coffee drinker?

mac or pc?

favourite font?

When I received Allison’s “job application” which, by the way, was designed using InDesign (bonus! gold star!!), she answered all of the questions spot on.  Abby & I met with her first, and honestly knew that she was the one to hire before talking to the other applicants.
Allison has been amazing helping with fine tune edits, making modifications of our wedding album designs, and the oh so glamorous task of putting stickers on business cards.
Here are some fun facts on Allison…

i have a BFA in photography, but i also love drawing + printmaking
i have 2 kittens: goose + maverick
contrary to popular belief, i’m not a crazy cat lady (only a little)
i believe that laughter is the best medicine
i have an obsession with old school film cameras
i think Friends was the best show ever made
i taught art + photo classes to kids at a local ymca
i could survive on a diet of only green tea
sunshine makes everything better
i’m addicted to my iphone
someday i want to live far, far away