If you’ve read my bio, followed my old old (old) blog, or read anything I’ve ever posted on Facebook &or Twitter, then you’ll no doubt know one thing about me… I am a huge LOST nerd. Big Time.

Theorizing, podcasts, comic-con youtube videos, fan made youtube videos, screaming at the TV, tweeting throughout the episode, crying, laughing, making an event out of LOST night every week… It’s a big deal in my house.

This is a tribute to this show that I has been a constant 😉 in my life for the past few years.  Regardless of how it ends, we had an absolute blast watching this show.
Phil and I went on our honeymoon in 2007 to Oahu specifically to visit the spots where the show was filmed and I’m incredibly grateful that were were able to do so.  We visited new Otherton, saw the cockpit, counted to 5 in Kate’s tree, walked the dock where Locke blew up the sub/Ben arrived at the island, sat outside Anthony Cooper’s house, sank at the beach where the plane crashed, hiked to the little private beach near our hotel they used for many scenes, and that beautiful valley where the majority of the show was filmed… we took in that view.