A few people have asked me, ‘Who took the photos of you at the top of your website?’ well I needn’t look far to find someone to take photos of me… my amazing husband, Phil, can certainly hold his own with a good ole 5D Mark 2.  Now I know that I use the word amazing a lot… and I am always sincere when I do use it BUT Phil is, well, oozing amazement.  He is extremely supportive, in every sense of the word.  I am like the crazy hot sauce on a burrito that you’re not too sure you can handle UNLESS you have some sour cream… and Phil is the sour cream… haha, that analogy was completely off the top of my head, could you tell?  He calms me down when I feel like I won’t be able to get anything done… tells me to write all the stuff swimming in my head when I can’t sleep at night and when I come home from a wedding he has a glass of my favourite wine waiting… I really couldn’t be any luckier.

So we are that unofficial husband + wife team.  Phil behind the scenes making sure my batteries are charged Saturday morning, making me a huge water jug, and making me double check that I have everything.  He looks at all of my blog posts, whether he is all that interested or not, and will tell me if a shot isn’t that worthy of being on the blog.