Another year gone by lickety-split!  Unreal.  This year was, dare I say, the best year of my life?! If you would have told me 10 years ago that a camera would allow me to travel to NYC & LA to make portraits for amazing people, I would have thought you were full of it.  And the travel part wasn’t even the high point, it was, by far, having the best clients I could ask for!  The word clients sounds so impersonal, they’re all much more than that to me.  Without these people, pictured below, I can’t imagine this year having been what it was.  Simply, elating.

For me, reflecting back on a year, especially 2010, is extremely overwhelming & emotional.  This year was all about getting on the right path.  A path that I knew I wanted to find, but was both scared & unsure of how to make it happen.  While I’m sure that my path will change, I feel pretty damn good about where I am at both professionally & personally.  What more could I ask for?!?
Here is a glimpse back at some of my favourite moments of the year.  Not necessarily my favourite photos, per say, but favourite moments.  They make me smile, laugh, think back to what I was thinking while holding my camera.  It’s really a profession unlike any other to have images of a split second in time that can mean so much to people for such different reasons.