THE number one question we get when receiving inquiries is just that… Do we get our high resolution photos to get prints made on our own?

For weddings, yes!

For all other sessions, nope!

The reason?  We’re quality snobs.  a11a9890-d1eb

All of our wedding couples receive a gorgeous, custom designed album of the highest quality from one of the top album makers in the country.  When they receive their high res photos they already have something tangible from us that we have custom designed, retouched & thoughtfully had made.  We know they have something finished, to our standards in their hands that properly reflects the kind of work we do.  I tell all of my couples that IF they do get prints made on their own, go to a pro lab and have them match the quality in their wedding album… If their prints look crappy, take the album in & show the lab technicians how their final product should look.

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For other sessions, specifically family sessions, most people will have a couple large prints made & a few 5x7s for their office and extended family members.  Usually these are from 3-5 photos.  Those 3-5 photos get extra special attention from us when ordered.  We may remove distracting elements or colors from the background, touch up blemishes, whiten teeth, remove drool from little one’s chins, etc.  When we post the proofs, usually around 50 photos, there is no way for us to spend that amount of time perfecting each one of those images… they may or may not get printed and it just doesn’t fit into our workflow.  We would not want to give you all of the high res photos in proof form (only color & exposure corrected) and have you get prints made with those distracting elements in the background, drool on the 6 month olds chin, your bra strap showing, etc.  Get it?

As the years pass, you’ll likely keep 1 photo from each session hung up in your home.  When your kids leave for college, we want your walls to be full of high quality photos that focus on that year when your child first started walking, that awkward 11-12 year old phase, and not the less than perfect details in the photo.

I hope this clears up why photographers of a certain standard do not just shoot and deliver a disc/flash drive.  It isn’t because we’re greedy… we want you to have a beautiful family heirloom.