I love photographing births.  It’s raw emotion, parents meeting their child for the first time who was just this bump and ultrasound photo for approximately 40 weeks.  After having my boys, the photos I have of them on their birth day are truly some of my favourite photos ever.  More so than my wedding photos!  Is that terrible to say?

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I’ve recently met up with a few pregnant moms who were interested in hearing more about how I go about photographing births and just like in wedding consults when I ask if they have a coordinator, I find myself asking if mamma to be has a Doula.  More often than not the parents are not clear on what a Doula is or how they are beneficial…

A Doula is NOT a Midwife or OBGYN.  She does not catch the baby.  She does not “check” you.  She is there are a labour support.  Sure Dad is labour support but for a first time Dad it can be overwhelming.  Your significant other is going through an intense process that you know nothing about.

For both of my son’s births we used a Doula.  I knew that I wanted another person on board as my advocate to help give us the birth experience we wanted.  The more help and support I had in staying relaxed, the more likely I would have the birth experience I envisioned.


My Doula helped remind me of our breathing, used cue words when I tensed up, spoke to the nurse for me when they were deviating from our birth plan, helped my husband with massages.  When my husband needed to step out for a break, she was there to fill in.  I always say my Doula was my epidural.  She helped keep me calm and remind me of my goals.  Well worth the investment for both pregnancies.

If you are expecting and interested in finding a Doula in your area, we went through DONA.org to find a certified Doula in our area.  If you’re in Toledo and need a referral, SAY HELLO!  Happy to send you her info!