When I was talking to Erika and Nathan about doing engagement photos the week of Christmas, when they would both be back in Toledo, we didn’t think that El Niño would be giving us 60° temps and more of a fall look to their winter session.  So while we didn’t exactly get a winter session NONE of us were complaining that we weren’t freezing our asses off.

So cheers to El Niño and cheers to Erika + Nathan who will be married in July at Registry Bistro.

Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan01 Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan02 Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan04 Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan06 Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan08 Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan11 Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan12 Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan13 Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan15 Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan16 Toledo-Fall-Engagement-Photos-ErikaNathan18