Whitney + Jon have a love of Toledo that they not only want to showcase for their fall wedding photos, but for their sunrise engagement session.  The couple lives downtown Toledo and we explored, at 6am, some of our favourite architectural spots within walking distance of their home.

I am so looking forward to their non-conventional wedding this fall… call it a fancy intimate wedding that is elopement-eqsue.  We will get to explore other gems downtown Toledo but in their wedding best outfits.

Enjoy the sneak peek!  More when you return from vacation!! 🙂

Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-01 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-02 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-03 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-04 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-05 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-06 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-07 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-08 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-09 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-10 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-11 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-12 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-13 Toledo-Engagement-Photos-Modern-Downtown-15