When I have those sort of sessions where everything falls together perfectly, it’s magic. Lizzy emailed me about 2 years ago asking if I’d be her photographer. I got freaked out seeing a 2017 wedding date in 2015 so I asked her to email me again in a year. When her email came through a year later, I was like: This lady knows what she likes! We Skyped and I was overjoyed to get the email to make it official. Lizzy + Nilin drove out to Toledo from Cleveland for their engagement session. The red dress she chose for their forest location was swoon-worthy! The light, holy Toledo, could not have been more perfectly golden! Nilin was a pro at the MWP nuzzle and I was over the moon! Their love for one another is as warm as that lovely light that lit their faces that afternoon. When you see the way Nilin looks at Lizzy, it’s really what every photographer hopes to be lucky enough to experience when photographing a couple for the first time. Their wedding next June is going to be amazing… It will be on Lake Erie & I so very hope we have the same magical light following them that day.

Cheers you two!!! 🙂


Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-002 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-003 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-004 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-005 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-006 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-007 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-008 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-009 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-010 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-011 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-012 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-013 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-014 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-015 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-016 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-017 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-018 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-019 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-020 Toledo-Golden-Hour-Engagement-Photos-021